Registrar - Important Information About Degree Requirements And Degree Evaluation
Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar


Degree Requirements & Evaluation Important Information 

Present Semester

Courses in progress are being counted in this degree evaluation, but will not officially be earned until successfully completed.  Courses dropped, failed or incomplete will not be counted towards total earned credits.

Remedial Courses, such as English 099 and Math 099 will be computed into a student's GPA but the credits, will not count towards credits required for graduation. They will not appear on the degree evaluation.

Residence Requirement for Degree

A minimum of 30 credits earned at CCSU is required for a Bachelors Degree, normally 15 credits in the major and 9 in the minor. Some programs require between 24 and 30 credits in the major. Please refer to the catalog.

A minor is required for most BA, BS and some BSED programs. It is not required for Business, Technology or BSN programs. Please refer to the Undergraduate University Catalog.

Major / Minor

If incorrect, please submit an Undergraduate Change of Major, Degree or Advisor form. Change of Major

A final grade of "C-" or better is required for all courses in your major and minor.  Some programs require a final grade of "C" or better.  Please refer to the Undergraduate University Catalog.

A total of between 120/130 credits is required to earn a Bachelors degree. Please refer to the catalog.

PE-144 is required to fulfill Skill Area IV for all students entering with fewer than 15 transfer credits.  For students who have completed military duty, please contact the Physical Education department chairperson for possible waiver.

Graduation Honors for Baccalaureate Degree

A minimum of 60 credits earned at CCSU and a cumulative earned grade point average of at least a 3.50 is required.