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The Technology & Engineering Education K-12 program prepares graduates to teach in elementary, middle, secondary, and adult technology & engineering education programs in Connecticut and throughout the US. Current teacher shortages in the discipline have prompted many school systems throughout the country to offer financial incentives in a bid to attract qualified Technology & Engineering Education instructors to their systems. Technology & Engineering Education graduates may also obtain positions as teachers in foreign countries, instructors/supervisors in human resource programs in industry or government agencies, and as industry professionals. The program is accredited by Council on Technology Teacher Education.


Technology & Engineering (47 credits)

Note:These courses may not be available each semester and are seldom available during the summer sessions; refer to the course description section of this catalog for information.

Professional Education Requirements (30 credits)

NOTES: (1) EDTE 314 and TE 299 must be taken concurrently; (2) EDSC 425 and TE 400 must be taken concurrently. (Taking LLA 440, EDSC 425 and TE 400 together is strongly recommended.) (3) EDSC 431, EDSC 432, and TE 419 must be taken concurrently; students may not take any other courses during the semester they are enrolled in EDSC 431, EDSC 432, and TE 419. (4) Except for EDTE 314 and TE 299, each of these courses requires acceptance in the pre-professional educatino program. See "Admission to the Professional Program" below.

Total Credit Hours: 120

Admission to the Professional Program

Students must make formal application for admission to the Professional Program of Technology and Engineering Education after completion of 45 credits in course work. At least 15 of these credits must be in TE courses (different criteria apply to transfer students; contact the Office of the Dean of Education and Professional Studies for details). Applications are available from the Dean of Education and Professional Studies, Barnard Hall, and must be filed by September 10 or February 10. Acceptance is prerequisite to taking TE 400, TE 419, EDSC 425, EDSC 431, EDSC 432, LLA 440, and SPED 315. Students must maintain a minimum 3.00 grade point average in all TE and STEM courses. See the entry in this catalog for School of Education and Professional Studies, Admission to Professional Program for additional information.

Admissions Contact

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Academic Contact

James DeLaura
Professor/Department Chair
Technology & Engineering Education
Nicolaus Copernicus Hall