Spanish: Inter-University Spanish Language & Culture, MA

This degree program is designed to provide Spanish graduate students in general and current in-service teachers of Spanish in particular with graduate-level coursework in Spanish language, and Hispanic literature and cultures.

The unique conception of this degree will offer students the opportunity to use the academic resources of two universities --Central Connecticut State and Salamanca--, and the advantage of exchanging ideas with Spanish teachers and students from 5 other universities in the United States which, like CCSU, are part of a very exclusive Inter-University consortium.

Students enrolled in this program will take 9 credits in residence at the University of Salamanca during five weeks in the summer (typically July + 1 week in August) and 21 credits at CCSU in the Department of Modern Languages.

During their stay in Spain, participants will live in single rooms in student residence halls at the University of Salamanca, thus experiencing Spanish culture and student life firsthand.

Living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country while completing graduate degree requirements will yield enormous linguistic and cultural benefits for the students.

Program Features

  • A qualitatively distinctive course of study, one designed from its inception to focus primarily on the needs of Spanish teachers for the timely completion of the degree both by means of regular courses available on the CCSU campus which are scheduled at convenient times for teachers, and by means of the intensive modules of summer study offered both at CCSU and at the University of Salamanca

  • A program that has as an integral part the linguistically and culturally valuable experience of living in a Spanish-speaking country while completing degree requirements

  • An innovative degree awarded by CCSU and obtained in collaboration with the University of Salamanca, lending it both international character and the distinctive imprimatur of one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious universities

Admissions Contact

Graduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Maria Casas
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Willard-DiLoreto Hall

The courses quality were more than Excellent, full, covering the most important subjects in Spanish Litterature, Advanced Grammar, and Spanish culture including history, art and music. Teachers are very professional, caring, connect with each students and offer their subject areas in a great way. They communicated to us the their passion for teaching. As teachers were extremely dedicated to give us a great experience online, I didn't miss any of the learning materials. Having live sessions on Zoom was much better that just online recordings. We were able to communicate, ask questions, clarify things and work in small groups. The only thing that I missed was visiting Salamanca. Thanks to Dr. Uribe we were informed about every detail before the course and the Teachers in Spain were very clear about expectations and curriculum. I would like to thank all the teachers in Salamanca who worked very hard to give us this wonderful experience and taught us a lot during this summer. What a great experience! I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful experience.

Rose Mikhael

Learning Outcomes

  1. Speak at an Advanced Low oral proficiency in the target language.
  2. Write at an Advanced Low written proficiency in the target language.
  3. Use the target language to discuss major topics related to the cultures of countries where the target language is spoken.
  4. Use the target language to discuss the works of major authors of countries where the target language is spoken.