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The interdisciplinary Certificate in Racial Justice is designed to educate currently enrolled students and continuing education students about such concepts as anti-racism, advocacy, white privilege, and institutionalized racism in the United States.  The anti-racist education will expand an understanding of systemic racism in the United States, educating citizens and students about how to advocate for and begin to repair social, cultural, economic, and legal inequalities that affect our neighborhoods and our nation.  

Completing this certificate will allow professionals in fields such as education, nursing, social work, business and management, political reform, and criminal justice, to holistically serve various cultural groups with an understanding and appreciation of the social, political, and racial contexts of their lives.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Admission Policy:

Online application through the University Office of Admissions In-state tuition process remains the same. There is no common application or CollegeNET application.

Required items:

  • Submit an online application form that is on the Admissions Office webpage
  • High school transcripts
  • College transcripts
  • Non-refundable application fee

Admission to the Racial Justice Certificate program is separate from the BA degrees. Students can apply to the Racial Justice Certificate program using the above criteria. They can then use the reactivation form to apply to the University if they wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Requirements (15 credits)

Electives (12 credits; no more than 2 courses from a single designator)

AAPI 270 Topics in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies 3-6 Credits

AAPI 370 Advanced topics in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies 3-6 Credits

AAPI 470 Seminar in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies 3-6 Credits

AFAM 110 Introduction to African-American Studies 3 Credits

AFAM 111 Race and Ethnicity in US and Global Politics 3 Credits

AFAM 200 Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality 3 Credits

AFAM 250 Topics in African American Studies 3 Credits

AFAM 469 African Americans in the 20th-Century 3 Credits

ANTH 200 Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality 3 Credits

ANTH 352 Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity 3 Credits

ANTH 401 City Life & Culture 4 Credits

CEN 200 Introduction to Community and Civic Engagement 3 Credits

CEN 201 Practicum in Community and Civic Engagement 1 Credit

CRM 245 Diversity and Criminal Justice 3 Credits

CRM 302 Hate Crimes 3 Credits

CRM 326 Racism and Bias in Criminal Justice Settings 3 Credits

DAN 230 Afro-Caribbean Dance and Culture 2 Credits

ENG 212 African-American Literature 3 Credits

ENG 347 Latino/a Literature 3 Credits

HIST 319 Race, Ethnicity and Migration in the U.S. 3 Credits

HIST 460 African Enslavement in the Americas 3 Credits

IS 245 Puerto Rico 3 Credits

LTN 110 Introduction to Latino Studies 3 Credits

LTN 270 Topics in Latino and Puerto Rican Studies 3 Credits

LTN 309 U.S. Immigration 4 Credits

LTN 319 Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in the U.S. 3 Credits

LTN 322 Race and Ethnic Relations 3 Credits

MUS 113 History of Jazz 3 Credits

PHIL 244 Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Justice 3 Credits

PHIL 360 African-American Philosophy 3 Credits

PS 111 Race and Ethnicity in US and Global Politics 3 Credits

PS 332 Civil Liberties 3 Credits

PSY 430 Intergroup Relations 3 Credits

REL 361 African-American Religion 3 Credits

RJ 371 Race and Immigration in CT 4 Credits

RJ 400 Internship in Racial Justice 1-3 Credits

SOC 212 Race, Class, and Gender 3 Credits

SOC 250 Latina Identity and Empowerment 3 Credits

SOC 309 U.S. Immigration 4 Credits

SOC 322 Race and Racism 4 Credits

SOC 351 Oppression and Liberation 4 Credits

SOC 406 Women of Color in the U.S. 4 Credits

SOC 427 American Poverty and Social Welfare 4 Credits

The following courses may count toward the Racial Justice Certificate with the permission of the Racial Justice Coordinator:

CRM 378 Current Topics in Criminal Justice

CRM 478 Current Topics in Criminal Justice

PHIL 344 Topics in Philosophy & Social Justice

SOC 478 Current Topics in Sociology

Total Credit Hours: 15

Admissions Contact

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Aimee Pozorski
Racial Justice, Cert
Asian American & Pacific Islander Studies, Minor
English, MA
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