Curriculum - Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation in Art Education (K-12),


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Program Rationale:

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree may pursue teacher certification through our post-baccalaureate program. This program prepares students for teacher certification in Art Education (PK-12) and does not result in a master’s degree.

Program Outcomes:

In the post-baccalaureate program, art teacher candidates will:

  • develop or increase appropriate techniques and processes in a variety of visual media;
  • acquire knowledge of art forms, artists, and art works from diverse historical and contemporary contexts;
  • experience a variety of teaching strategies by designing comprehensive, sequential curriculum that is developmentally appropriate; use a variety of teaching strategies to promote a high level of student understanding and artistic achievement during select field and student teaching experiences; and
  • engage in self-evaluation and analysis of their field and teaching experiences to identify areas for personal growth.

Planned Program of Study:

Persons holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with an art-related major or concentration must follow a planned program of graduate study leading to certification in art education PK-12.

The Planned Program of Study is determined and filed with the advisor or chair of the department and must be approved by the office of the School of Graduate Studies to ensure that all certification requirements are satisfied. The Planned Program becomes a contract between the student and his or her advisor.

Post-baccalaureate students must meet the following general education requirements: at least 39 credits of liberal arts course work, including a U.S. history survey course, and coursework in each of the following areas English,mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences, and one course in foreign language or fine arts. Coursework in developmental or life span psychology is a prerequisite for the Professional Program. These candidates are required to have the equivalent of 45 credits in art-related courses and fulfill departmental admissions requirements which include a portfolio review.



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