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Philosophy involves critical inquiry about ourselves and the world we inhabit. The study of Philosophy develops many skills, such as critical thinking, reasoning and argumentation, clear communication about complex topics, careful consideration of multiple perspectives on the same topic, and thoughtful consideration of ethics and values in public and private spheres.

Philosophy majors pursue many different paths, including graduate programs, law school, medical school, and careers in a diversity of professions. For recent data, see "Why Major in Philosophy?" and "Philosophy as a Pre-Law Major."

CCSU offers a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Philosophy with Concentration in Social Justice, Ethics, and Law.

A minor is required with this major. Double majors are exempt from a minor.

Requirements: (39 credits)

Requirements include: Foundation (3 credits), Core (18 credits), Alternative Traditions (3 credits), and Electives (15 credits). Students pursuing the Philosophy B.A. will select electives from the "Electives: Philosophy B.A." course list. Students pursuing the Philosophy B.A. with Concentration in Social Justice, Ethics, and Law will select electives from the "Electives: Philosophy B.A. with Concentration in Social Justice, Ethics, and Law" course list.

Electives: Philosophy B.A. (15 credits)

15 credits, of which at least 9 credits must be upper-level (300-level or 400-level) PHIL courses; 6 additional elective credits of courses with the PHIL designator or other courses approved by the Philosophy Department Chair .

Total Credit Hours: 39

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