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A minor is not required with this major.

Accredited by ATMAE

This degree prepares students to work as a member of an engineering team in applied design, product development, manufacturing, maintenance, or technical support/sales services in the electrical and electronic industries, which include telecommunications, control systems, manufacturing of electromechanical devices and computer services. There is a graduation requirement of a capstone assessment during a student's final year of study.

Major Requirements (63 Credits)

General Education

Study Area I -Arts and Humanities (9 credits)

  Literature (I)  



Recommend an international course in Literature.

Study Area II - Social Sciences (9 credits)

Recommend an international course in History.

Study Area III - Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

PSY 112 is recommended.

Skill Area II - Mathematical (6 credits)

Math 115 and STAT 104 - Placement Exam

Skill Area III - Foreign Language

Skill Area IV - Univ. Requirements (2-3 credits)

PE 144 is required of all students entering with fewer than 15 credits and required to be taken in a students' first year.

Free Electives

Total Credit Hours: 120

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Academic Contact

Sangho Park
Associate Professor
Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology
Cybersecurity | BS
Applied Innovation Hub