Admission Requirements

Applying for Admission

Admission to the Clinical Professional Counseling program is made on a competitive basis only once per year.

Candidates for admission will be considered on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. A completed online application with supplemental materials (
    • $50 application fee
  2. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  3. Grade point average: Minimum 2.70 grade point average (GPA) for all undergraduate courses and a 3.00 for all graduate courses, based on a 4.00-point scale where A is 4.00
    NOTE: Applicants who earned a GPA less than the minimum requirement must address the details surrounding their GPA within their personal essay/statement of purpose (see criterion 5.d.) or their application will not be considered for possible admission to the program.
  4. Three recommendations from individuals able to testify to the student’s suitability as a prospective counselor
  5. Two- to three-page typewritten (double-spaced) personal essay/statement of purpose describing the following:
    • Personal and professional reasons and experiences that influenced you to pursue a graduate program that prepares you to enter the counseling profession.
    • Personal and professional attributes you believe will contribute to your academic success as a graduate student.
    • Personal and professional characteristics you believe will contribute to your future success as a clinical professional counselor.
    • Description of reasons for earning a GPA less than the minimum requirements, steps taken to overcome the issue(s), and results of integrating this experience that allowed you to positively become the person you are today as well as evolve into the person you ideally want to become (see the *NOTE: within criterion 3 for those applicants to whom this applies).

A formal interview by the program’s faculty admissions committee will assess the prospective student’s application materials as well as personal/professional attributes and life experiences that may support the individual’s ability to be successful in the field of clinical professional counseling.

All applications must be fully completed and received by February 1 in order to be considered for admission beginning the following fall academic semester. The graduate admissions application (including the provision of all required documents and supplemental materials) is completed via online submission protocols outlined by the Office of Graduate Recruitment & Admissions. For additional information regarding the graduate admissions application process, please visit the Graduate Admissions page.

Note: Because admission to the Master of Science in Counselor Education with specialization in Clinical Professional Counseling is a highly competitive process, meeting the minimum graduate and program specific application criteria and requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Official transcripts may be sent directly to the Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Office:

By Mail:

Central Connecticut State University
Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Office
1615 Stanley Street
Davidson Hall 116
New Britain, CT 06050