Chemistry, BS

The Chemistry major's learning environment is both challenging and supportive. In contrast to larger schools, CCSU students can work directly with faculty on original projects, which often includes presentations at regional/national conferences and opportunities to co-author publications. In addition to our teaching labs, the department offers advanced chemical instrumentation laboratories, including three major instruments purchased through the National Science Foundation. Our graduates are prepared to pursue graduate studies at even the most prestigious schools or to work as lab technicians in a variety of fields, from state agencies to corporate research and development. The CCSU Chemistry major program is accredited by the American Chemical Society.


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Sarah Maurer
Associate to the Dean, Professor
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nicolaus Copernicus Hall

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Chemistry graduates will have integrated the mathematical, conceptual, and theoretical knowledge necessary to solve chemical problems.
  2. Chemistry graduates will apply the laboratory and safety skills necessary for the synthesis, isolation, quantification, and identification of chemical compounds.
  3. Chemistry graduates will participate in collaborative research projects, exhibit the ethical behavior expected of professional chemists, and be able to effectively communicate research results.