Art Education, MS

Central to Inspiring Creativity.

A CCSU MS in Art Education prepares you to become a passionate art educator inspired to teach new generations of artists in the classroom and others who share your creative curiosity.

Through this program you will gain a better understanding of your creative process, and develop your own artistic vision with the skills to realize it.

Program Features

  • Starts every January and August
  • 33-credit program
  • Attend full- or part-time
  • Classes offered primarily on-campus
  • Art portfolio required for application
  • Financial aid is available
  • No GMAT/GRE require

Program Options

Specialize in ceramics, painting, illustration, sculpture, printmaking, or other areas and exhibit a body of artistic work in final exhibition

Focus on advancing your Art Education pedagogy and conduct in-depth research on a selected Art Education or Art History topic

Admissions Contact

Graduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Vicente Garcia
Professor, Department Chair
Art & Design
James J. Maloney Hall
FA 152

Academic Department

Did You Know?

The median annual wage of K-12 teachers was more than $79,600 in May of 2020 in Connecticut.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Write Reflectively About Art
  2. Develop an original body of artwork for exhibition or original research thesis
  3. Reference their work in art historical and contemporary context
  4. Strengthen Oral Critique Ability
  5. Develop an increased understanding of professional needs, responsibilities, and requirements as an art professional