Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors to the Central campus are no longer required to obtain temporary parking permits but must park in a “RED” Commuter Student/Visitor parking area. All of the designated “RED” parking lots and garages can be viewed on the Commuter Student/Visitor Parking Map. Parking lots and garages designated as “RED” parking areas will be displayed as such on the parking lot/garage signage as well as red flags near the parking entrance.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permits from all other Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system institutions shall be honored on this campus.

New or additional vehicles will require a parking decal. You can obtain a new/additional parking decal by following the parking decal instructions.

Resident Students with oversized vehicles can request an Oversized Truck Permit through Facilities Management by contacting Specific parking spaces located in the Vance Reserve Lot (Lot S) are marked with signs as “Oversized Truck Parking – Permit Required”. Any vehicle parked in these spaces without displaying the proper Oversized Truck Permit may be ticketed.

All members of the Central community are required to obtain parking decals for their vehicles, including motorcycles. To obtain a parking decal for a motorcycle please see “How to obtain a parking decal” above. Parking decals do not need to be affixed to your motorcycle but would need to be kept in a secured compartment within your vehicle or kept on your person (for example, in a wallet or bag) so that you would be able to present your parking decal to the Central Police Department, if requested to do so. Individuals parking motorcycles on campus must adhere to the same parking regulations as all other vehicles on campus.

Individuals parking Jeeps or Convertibles on campus must obtain a parking decal. To obtain a parking decal for a Jeep or Convertible, please see “How to obtain a parking decal” above. If your vehicle has a removable rear windshield, you should place your parking decal on the inside of the front windshield (on either side).

A student whose status changes from Resident Student to Commuter Student or Commuter Student to Resident Student, must obtain a new parking decal reflecting their current status. This is the responsibility of the student to obtain the correct parking decal for their vehicle. A parking decal that does not match a student’s current status can result in a ticket from the Central Police Department.

Anyone temporarily driving a rental vehicle should park in a “RED” Commuter Student/Visitor parking lot or garage. If you plan to drive a rental vehicle for a prolonged period of time, please contact us at to make the proper arrangements.

Information regarding parking tickets, payment of fines, and ticket appeals can be found in the Police Department website under Parking Regulations and Parking Ticket Appeals.

All campus parking violation notices must be paid in person or by mail to the University Bursar’s Office. The Bursar's Office is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and is located in Willard DiLoreto Hall, Room W212.
Cash payments will be accepted only at the Bursar’s Office.
Checks should be made payable to Central. If sending a check via the mail, please mail payment to Central, PO Box 4010, New Britain, CT 06050-4010.

Students that suffer from a temporary physical condition necessitating special parking arrangements may obtain a Medical Parking Permit from the University Police Department. A physician's statement specifying the nature and duration of the disability must accompany all requests for Medical Parking.

NOTE: Medical permits do not authorize parking in handicapped spaces or reserved spaces. (See Disabled Parking Placard information located in the Parking Regulations document available on the Central Parking website).

In anticipation of snow, or because of snow or icy conditions, it may become necessary to clear all parking lots (regardless of lot designation) to facilitate snow and/or ice removal operations. At such times, notifications will be sent to the campus community containing parking ban information.

More information regarding parking during inclement weather can be found in the Parking Regulations document available on the Central Parking website.