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Fall 2021 Meetings on Fridays, 12:15-1:30pm in Maria Sanford 101.

For more information or to be added to the club mailing list, please contact Dr. Frédéric Latour

Suppose that a finite group has exactly n elements of order p, where p is a prime. Prove that either n=0 or p divides n+1.

We attend mathematics competitions throughout the year, and hosted the 2016 Northeast Regional Mathematics Competition.

President: Kara Martin
Treasurer: Micalyia Douglas

Actuarial Science Club

Fall 2021 Meetings on Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00pm in Maria Sanford 108

The actuarial science club was created in 2011 with the purpose of exchanging information, promoting activities related to actuarial science, and unification of students interested in the career.

The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness of Actuarial Science, encourage an environment of learning and professional development, and to provide networking opportunities with businesses in the local community for Central students.

President: Micalyia Douglas
Vice President: Safiyah Pathan
Treasurer: Kateryna Yurkevych

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bensics

Women in STEM Club and AWM Chapter

The goal of the Women in STEM Club is to support and increase awareness of women STEM-majors at Central, and more broadly the women working in STEM careers. Since women tend to be a minority in STEM fields, we want the club to find ways to welcome more young women into the field.

We are also starting an Association for Women in Mathematics chapter here at Central, as a part of the club. The purpose of the AWM chapter is to support and recognize women in math. We welcome and encourage participation in both the club and the AWM chapter from all genders and majors who are interested in supporting/promoting the work of women in STEM fields.

President: Cathy Silberman

The Graduate Math Society

The Graduate Math Society conducts several very interesting functions per year including fascinating presentations by superb speakers who are exceptional leaders in the fields of mathematics education, robotics, political concerns about the form of mathematics education and its assessment in the immediate future. Each year graduate students who have completed their Capstone requirement, along with a guest, are treated to a wonderful award dinner at the University.

For information, contact Dr. Philip Halloran

The Central Chess Club

The purpose of the Chess Club shall be to promote the interest of chess on and off campus; to further develop the knowledge of the game's basic fundamentals, tactics, and strategies, and to encourage intellectual stimulation.

All skill levels are welcome.

We meet every Thursday night from 6:30-8:30pm in Devil's Den, in the Student Center.
Please contact Nelson Castaneda or visit for more details.

President: Steven Beller
Treasurer: Jonathan Kryzanski