The Central 7

The Department of Journalism prepares student for careers in journalism and related media careers through a blend of practical and theoretical coursework and experiences. The department’s location in the Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences provides the opportunity for students to forge connections between their journalism coursework and many different bodies of knowledge. Students are encouraged to take part in study abroad courses that provide opportunities to write and report on global issues, complete internships, and participate in other publishing experiences such as the department’s CCSU TV News, digital publications, and student-run media. Through these activities, students are expected to deepen their appreciation for the value of free expression in a democracy and build their knowledge of the news media industry in its many forms. Graduates with a BA in Journalism from CCSU will demonstrate competence in the Central Seven:

They will:
  • Gather, analyze and create journalism on contemporary issues for print, broadcast and other digital media.

  • Write and edit clear, graceful, grammatically correct prose.

  • Analyze numerical data and utilize databases for multi-layered storytelling.

  • Use reliable visual aids to tell stories ethically.

  • Produce work incorporating diverse groups and perspectives, including racial, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious concerns, on local, national and international issues.

  • Demonstrate an awareness of journalism as an ethical practice.

  • Demonstrate preparation for an entry-level position in the profession through a portfolio exhibiting their work.

Contact Information

Vivian Martin
Department Chair
American Studies Minor
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
Darlene Gable
Willard-DiLoreto Hall