UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Southern Italy

Landscape of Salerno, Italy

This upcoming summer, Central offers the possibility of learning Italian in Salerno, South of Italy, along with an intensive program on the beautiful Amalfi Coast to truly get to know true Italian culture.  

Participants experience the sea, history, art, music, ceramics, and cooking of Italy while enjoying the beautiful beaches and harbors of the Amalfi and Cilento Coasts in a traditional and real-life Italian setting. Participants are placed in open study groups and attend an extensive Italian course that helps them learn the everyday language used to interact with locals and adapt to Italian culture outside the classroom. This is in combination with a series of high-impact, leisure activities like excursions, visits, recreational meetings, and seminars throughout the three-week trip.  

Students enjoy on-site guided tours in the medieval Salerno city center and go on beautiful excursions, such as the suggestive Amalfi Coast with its pearls Amalfi and Positano; the famous archaeological sites Pompeii (city ruins) and Paestum (Greek temples), as well as special visits to a mozzarella factory. Special Italian cooking cuisine lessons are offered, as well as dinners and recreational activities through the weeks. In addition, students are given time throughout the trip to explore the area themselves, leaving them to freely wander around, use what they have learned, and try out things not on the itinerary list.  

Overall, everyone enjoys the traditional and real-life setting, practicing the language, and tasting the delicious local food (mozzarella, pizza, pasta, etc.) in all trattorias and restaurants around.  

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July 6 - July 27, 2024 

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March 21, 2024


WL 300: Topics in Modern Language Culture Study, 3 Credits (Prerequisite: permission of instructor)  



Prof. Simone M. Puleo 
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 


A limited number of scholarships are available. Scholarships will be a minimum of $500 based on the available funds. A minimum GPA requirement is 3.0! Scholarships are awarded on a first-first come first-served basis. The registration portal has a limited timeframe, we suggest you prepare your scholarship essay before starting the application! They are due together. Click here to see the scholarship prompts.

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