Information Technology Department



Apple has a store located in West Farms Mall, not too far from campus. Our initial recommendation is to visit them to actually see what is available. Apple has an optional "AppleCare" protection program which extends the warranty from one to three years.


At least 2048 megs or 2 gigs of RAM/memoryAt least a 160 Gigabyte (GB) hard driveAt least a 2.0GHz processor.AppleCare Protection Plan (APP)

You can order a computer at the Apple Store located in West Farms Mall. Be sure to bring your CCSU ID with you to get education discounts. You may also order online at

Students, if you are considering buying a computer for educational purposes, you may want to contact your field of study advisors for recommendations on computer purchases as some schools may have different recommendations to better serve the needs of both faculty and students.