Classroom Technology

Getting Started – most classrooms are equipped with a Crestron touch panel to manage inputs to the projection system.

Airmedia – allows you to project from mobile devices.  It is currently installed in the following buildings with plans to have this available in nearly all classrooms equipped with a teacher station: 

  Applied Innovation Hub

  Ebenezer D Basset

  Henry Barnard

  Robert Vance Academic Center

  Willard Diloreto

Liberty Rings – these handy devices solve the challenge of connecting various mobile devices to project to the projection system.  Connect your device using the adapter on the “ring” and connect it to the HDMI cable at the teaching station.  Choose “HDMI” on the Crestron Panel and your device should begin to display.

Classrooms with Dual Monitors – instructions on how to change display settings to project right or left monitor onto projection system.

LanSchool Air – most classrooms with student computers have “LanSchool Air” installed so that instructors can manage student computer activity in the classroom. (Want to link to IDTRC’s KB article once they post one).

Hyflex Classrooms – there are more than 40 classrooms equipped with cameras for hybrid instruction.

Playing DVDs

Requesting Additional Software

Requesting Additional Technology

Getting Support

There is a “Help” button at the bottom of the Crestron control panel which will display options for how to get support.

  • Expedited Support: Call the IT Help Desk at (860)832-1720.  Let them know you are in a classroom, provide the building and room number.  Let them know whether or not it’s okay for a technician to come into the room while you’re teaching.
  • Non-urgent Support: Email – these are responded to within 1 business day, Monday through Friday.
  • Chat Support:  This is available from most teaching stations in classrooms.  Look for the icon with the orange “B.” on the teaching station’s computer desktop.  This is a handy option in buildings that have poor cell phone coverage.  This option is also considered expedited support.