About Telecommunications

Information Technology (IT) provides voice telecommunications services to all University departments, on campus vendors and outside contractors temporarily on campus. Voice telecommunications services and support (which includes telephone sets, long distance, wireless, cellular phones and handheld/mobile devices) are limited to those contracted by the University. Voice telecommunications (including landline, cellular and handheld/mobile devices) is a chargeable service and each department is charged for use of such services. Voice telecommunication services provided by IT are described below.

Manage and support University issued landline telephone services, including:

  1. Providing technical programming services for adds, changes, and disconnects for individual users, departments, on campus vendors and outside organizations.
  2. Providing voice mail services which include individual voice mailboxes and automated attendants for departments.
  3. Maintaining the system database of telephone service for billing, service requests and location (E911) services.
  4. Reviewing and recommending the most efficient voice telecommunication configuration to meet specified user department or individual user needs.
  5. Coordinating voice telecommunication requirements with Facilities for new construction and renovations.
  6. Coordinating the installation and maintenance of emergency and house telephones with University Police.
  7. Administering telemanagement billing and collection for all University departments, contractors, campus vendors and any outside organizations associated with one-time or continuing events on campus.
  8. Coordinating new wiring requests with contracted vendors.
  9. Providing first level trouble resolution.

Manage and support University issued cellular phones and handheld/mobile devices and services, including:

  1. Placing orders for equipment and devices with the contracted vendors.
  2. Providing problem diagnosis for such devices locally or relaying to vendor support when appropriate.

Information Technology does not support the following:

  1. Conference calling services. Your desk phone is capable of conferencing a maximum of 8 callers. Please refer to Quick Start Guides for conference information; or, you may host a WebEx meeting. Please contact the IDTRC at 860.832.2081.
  2. Personally owned cellular or handheld/mobile devices.

NOTE: If your department wishes to purchase a telephone headset to connect to Central's Cisco telephone sets you may do so via the office supply company or Amazon. Ensure the model you purchase is compatible with your Cisco telephone model.