ISSS - F-1 Students - Maintaining Legal Status
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Maintaining Legal Status

It is the sole responsibility of all international students to maintain legal status in the United States.

  • Registering for and attending classes full time (the undergraduate full-time course load is 12 credits; the graduate full-time course load is 9 credits) every semester with the exception of your last semester or in a situation where there is documented medical issue.
  • Do not work off campus without authorization.
  • Report change of name, address, major and/or academic level.
  • Check the expiration date on Form I-20 (see Form I-20, Program End Date in Program of Study box on page 1) and start the renewal process in a timely manner.

All events that affect maintaining legal status in the United States must be reported in SEVIS by the University. Some of these events include:

  • Full-time course of study reported each semester
  • Change of address
  • Change of academic level/Major
  • Off Campus employment
  • Program extension
  • Suspension or withdrawal from school
  • Transfer to another institution
  • Reduced course load

Student information must be reported in a timely manner. Failure to maintain legal status puts you “Out of Status” and automatically you lose all F-1 status benefits. If eligible, you may apply for reinstatement processed through USCIS.