Change of Visa Status

J-1 Exchange students who are enrolled at CCSU from Partner Universities may not automatically forego their Exchange Students status, overseen by the Center for International Education, and apply to the Office of Admissions for Matriculated, Degree-Seeking status at Central.

We ask that students be aware of two restrictions that apply:

  • Some exchange students (J-1) may be required to return to their home country for at least a two (2) year period before applying to the Admissions Office of a U.S. school for matriculated (F-1) status. Students with such requirements will have a 212e restriction noted in their visa and on their DS-2019. These students may not apply for matriculation until they have returned home and complied with the home country’s residency requirement.

  • Exchange students attending CCSU from our Partner Universities abroad who do not have the 212(e) restriction noted in their visa must obtain written permission from their home university before considering application to the Office of Admissions for matriculation. Since CCSU honors the exchange student relationship with its partner universities, students from those schools must request that a written Statement of Approval to Apply for a Change of Status be sent to the Director of the Center for International Education as the first step of the process along with an exchange affidavit of support. It is important to note that, even if permission to apply is granted by the home institution, there is no guarantee that the CCSU Office of Admissions will approve the application to matriculated status, once it is submitted. Admission to matriculated status at U.S. universities is competitive and requires specific qualifications.