Cisco VoIP Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for "voice over internet protocol", which means that the phone system used a data network connection rather than an analog connection. Your phone is connected to an available network data drop in your office. If there are no available network data drops, then the phone is connected through your computer.

What are the features?

Features include:

  • Call History – you are able to view a history of callers directly on your phone screen.
  • Voicemail to email – voicemail messages will be sent to you in an email attachment. The attachment is a ".wav" audio file that will play in a standard audio player on your computer and most mobile devices. This feature is available to full-time employees only.
  • Phone Directory – you now have access to a searchable employee phone directory on your handset.
  • Speed Dial – you have the ability to program over 100 speed dial numbers.
Will student workers be able to access voicemails through their email?

Due to high turnover with student workers, they will not be given access to the web site nor will they receive voicemail messages via email. They will need to dial in to the voicemail system in order to check it.

If my computer goes down, will my phone continue to work?

Yes. For those of you who have the phone connected through your computer, your computer does not need to be on for your phone to operate. The only way your phone will go down would be if the network is down.

Who do I call for support and assistance?

The IT Help Desk supports the phone system. When you call 611 from your new phone, it will direct you to the IT Help Desk.

Are fax machines being converted to the new system?

No. Fax machines will stay on an analog phone line or be transitioned to the Digital Faxing System.

Can the new phones be mounted to the wall?