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Graduate Assistantships

Where Do I Search for Graduate Assistantships?

All Graduate Assistantship positions are listed under Handshake on the Career Development Office website.

Once on the Handshake webpage follow the instructions on the webpage to Log-In with your CCSU ID #.

How to Apply for Graduate Assistantship Positions?

All Graduate Assistantship positions are listed under the College Central Network by searching position postings for Graduate Assistantship.

Positions can be applied for directly through the College Central Network position posting.

Follow the instructions on the position posting and send all required application documentation to the respective departmental personnel (should be listed in the posting) for review.

Human Resources Required Documentation

Before you can be placed on the Payroll, the following documents must be completed in the Human Resources Department in Davidson Hall, Room 119:

  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9). 
  • Federal Income Tax Form W-4
  • State Income Tax Form CTW-4
  • Acknowledgement of receipt for State Guide to the Code of Ethics and Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy.
  • International students must obtain an "On-Campus Work Authorization" letter from the CCSU Center for International Education

Graduate Assistants – Stipends and Waiver of Fees (BR#97-53)

The purpose of graduate assistantships is to allow well qualified matriculated graduate students to participate in institutional activities academically relevant to the student’s program of study.

Stipends, fee waivers, and scholarships for graduate assistants will provide graduate students with financial assistance, thus enabling persons with limited financial resources to undertake graduate study.

Graduate assistantships will be awarded only to matriculated graduate students. Graduate students awarded full assistantships shall pay full-time tuition; graduate students awarded half assistantships and enrolled for nine semester hours or more shall pay full-time tuition; those enrolled for less than nine hours shall pay appropriate registration and course fees for part-time students.

The following fees shall also be waived for graduate assistants:

  • State University Fee
  • University General Fee
  • (except for that portion attributable to student accident insurance)
  • Student Activity Fee

The maximum stipend for full graduate assistantships shall be $4,800 per semester and $2,400 per semester for half graduate assistantships, and shall not include negotiated benefits.

The universities may provide from other funds at their disposition, scholarships or grants to supplement the above stipends.


All applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for the position:

  • Matriculated in a Graduate program
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.00 or higher
  • Be registered in the current semester
    • Full Time at least nine credits
    • Part Time at least three credits

Duties/Hours Required

  • Part time GA positions are expected to complete 10 hours per week or 150 hours a semester.
  • Full Time GA positions are expected to complete 20 hours per week or 300 hours a semester.
  • Assignments begin the first week of each semester and continue through to the end of the semester.

Graduate Studies Policy Regarding GA Positions

  • May not be employed by any other employment category by the university
  • Full Time as well as Part Time GA’s should not be engaged in significant employment outside of the university, or hold full time employment elsewhere or be engaged in a full time (20 hours) internship.
  • GA’s are expected to make a full time commitment to graduate study.

GA Appointment Form