Ways To Give

By phone:

All you need is your credit card and our phone number: 860.832.0712.

By U.S. mail:

To send a check, please make your check payable to The CCSU Foundation, Inc, and mail it with this form, to:

The CCSU Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 612
New Britain, CT 06050-9921

By wire transfer:

Please contact the CCSU Foundation, Inc. at 860.832.0712 or write to us at Foundation@ccsu.edu to request our People’s United bank account number and ABA Routing Number.

One Time Gift

Every gift helps CCSU continue to offer an accessible, affordable, and excellent education.

Pledge Payment

Make a payment towards a previous commitment.

Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annual Gifts

Become a member of the True-Blue Society by making a recurring gift. Choose the option that’s right for you at checkout.

Give Now

To make a gift using your smart phone and pay by Apple Pay or credit card, simply text “CCSU” (without quotation marks) to 41444 and follow the instructions in the reply you receive to connect to our MobileCause text-to-donate platform. Select the scholarship or program you wish to support and complete the payment form using Apple Pay or your credit card. Your phone bill will not be charged for this donation.

For marketable securities held by your bank or broker:

Read our Stock Transfer Instructions and let us know the name of the stock and number of shares you will be transferring to the CCSU Foundation, Inc. account at SEI Investments Management Corporation.

For marketable securities held by you:

If you hold a physical stock certificate, please send it to us along with a stock power form. For safety reasons, you should send the certificate and stock power form in separate envelopes and use secure and traceable mail, such certified mail, express mail, or priority mail.

  1. Send your certificate(s) without any endorsement, assignment, or other notation, along with a letter including the designation of your gift, to:

    Advancement Services
    Attn: Stock Gift Administrator
    Central Connecticut State University
    1615 Stanley Street
    New Britain, CT 06050

  2. Download and print our Stock Power Form. Use a separate form for each separate security.
  3. Sign the Stock Power Form exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate and leave the rest of the form blank.
  4. Mail the signed Stock Power Form in a separate envelope, along with a copy of the letter that accompanied the certificate, to the address above.

Note: Stock gifts are valued in accordance with IRS guidelines.

For mutual fund transfers:

The Foundation receives donations in the form of mutual funds through its mutual fund accounts. Upon request, the Foundation will provide its mutual fund account number so the transfer can take place.

Turn Your Treasures Into a Charitable Legacy

Your treasures like real estate, artwork, books, manuscripts and other library materials, equipment, valuable antiques, stamp and coin collections, cars, boats, and other tangible personal property can make suitable charitable gifts today or after your lifetime. The financial benefits of the gift depend on whether we can use the property in a way that is related to our mission.

For most gifts of real/tangible property, the donor must provide the Foundation with an independent appraisal which provides reliable information that can be used determining the value of the gift property. Values used in record keeping are for the Foundation’s internal use only. Donors must consult IRS Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property and seek advice from their attorneys or tax advisors for the tax implications of donated property.

Contact Melody Avery at 860.832.3471 or mavery@ccsu.edu for additional information on giving a gift of tangible personal property. We also suggest you seek the advice of your financial and/or legal advisor.

A gift of life insurance can be a low-cost yet generous way to make a meaningful contribution to CCSU. It’s a good way to transform affordable premium payments into a substantial future donation. There are several ways you can give your life insurance policy, or death benefits from it.

Designate The CCSU Foundation, Inc. as a Beneficiary

By designating the CCSU Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary, in part or in full, you retain ownership of the policy and have the flexibility to make changes to the beneficiary designation later. Any policy distributions to the Foundation will be exempt from estate tax. As the beneficiary, the CCSU Foundation will receive the death benefits when you die.

Donate your Life Insurance Policy

You can donate your life insurance policy to the Foundation as long as the policy is paid in full, or you can agree to make an annual tax-deductible cash donation in the amount of the annual policy premium. Upon your death, the Foundation will receive the full death benefit.

Once we receive confirmation of your gift of an insurance policy you will enjoy membership in the Legacy Society. We also suggest you seek the advice of your financial and/or legal advisor.

Note: For Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) or Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) information, please connect to https://www.ccsu.edu/ccsufoundation/rmd.html.

Contact Information

Jennifer Destefani
Executive Director, CCSU Foundation, Inc.
Institutional Advancement
Lisa Bigelow
Institutional Advancement
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall