Advisory Board

Collective efforts are guided by the insight and expertise of a First-Generation Advisory Board comprised of faculty members, staff, students, and members of the community at large. This is important because alignment, collaboration and community is needed to better serve the needs of this population, to enhance our collective understandings and garner support for on-going efforts and structures.

Lisa Baxter-Rincón
Administrative Assistant, School of Business

Gladys Colón
Financial Literacy Coordinator and Advisor

Adina Elfant
Director of Undergraduate Advising

Lisa Frank
Interim Dean, School of Business 

F. Kamilah Hastings
Administrative Assistant, Institutional Advancement

Larry Hall
Director of Undergraduate Admission 

Latanya Kennedy
Associate Director of Pre-Collegiate & Access Services

Surbhi Patel
Director of Student Disability Services

Jacob Reyes
Central Student, Bachelor of Secondary Education in History Program

Maria Sanchez
Director of Grantmaking & Community Investment, American Savings Foundation 

John Tully
Interim Special Assistant to the Provost

Inez Vera
Director of the Academic Center for Student Athletes