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Linguistics Lab

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Location: Willard/Diloreto Hall, room W401-23
Hours: Vary by semester
Contact: Dr. Helen Koulidobrova, Program Coordinator, elena.koulidobrova@ccsu.edu

The Linguistics Lab is a vital part of the applied linguistics program, providing the space and equipment to facilitate certain aspects of applied and theoretical research in the field, including phonological and phonetic analysis, video analysis of signed languages, and discourse studies. The lab contains several computers, various pieces of audio and video recording equipment, and a small library of resources relevant to applied linguistics and TESOL. A part-time Graduate Assistant keeps office hours during regular semesters to help researchers and to tutor undergraduate students who are taking introductory linguistics courses. Inquiries about the lab or requests for collaboration should be sent to the Applied Linguistics coordinator (Dr. Helen Koulidobrova elena.koulidobrova@ccsu.edu) or one of the other linguistics professors.