English - Creative Writing Minor Requirements

Creative Writing Minor (18 Credits)


Study a broad range of writing techniques in poetry, fiction and narrative nonfiction. Creative Writing Minors must take at least TWO Level One classes from the following three genres: WRT373 (Poetry 1), WRT371 (Fiction I) and/or WRT370 (Creative Nonfiction I), and at least ONE Level Two class from WRT374 (Poetry 2), WRT372 (Fiction 2) and/or WRT375 (Creative Nonfiction II). The English Department has also created a new required CAPSTONE seminar, WRT486, an editing course that requires students to revise work they submitted in previous CCSU writing minor courses. For the additional nine credits of electives to meet the 18 credit requirement, Creative Writing Minors may choose from:

 ENG 310, Close Reading of the Sentence
 WRT 370, Creative Nonfiction 1
 WRT 371, Fiction I
 WRT 372, Fiction II
 WRT 373, Poetry I
 WRT 374, Poetry II
 WRT 375, Creative Nonfiction II
 WRT 377, Playwriting
 WRT 383, Digital Platforms
 WRT 384, Publishing (4 credits; includes lab)
 WRT 378, Special Topics
 WRT 385, Writing About Series
 ENG 494, Independent Study
 ENG 495, Internship (contact Professor Mary Collins for additional information at collinsmae@ccsu.edu)

*WRT 265, Introduction to Creative Writing, does not count in the minor but students are encouraged to take it as part of Gen Ed Skill Area I.