EJI - Current Course List

Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Designation


Current Course List

Courses Eligible for EJI Designation: Submitted by Faculty

AFAM 110 Introduction to African-American Studies
AFAM 111 Race and Ethnicity in US and Global Politics
AFAM 250 Topics in African-American Studies 

ANTH 200/AFAM 200: Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality
ANTH 350/WGSS 350: Men and Women in Different Culture 
ANTH 424/AFAM 424: People and Cultures of Africa

COMM 380/WGSS 380: Women and film 

CRM 240 Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice
CRM 245 Diversity and Criminal Justice
CRM 302 Hate Crimes 

DAN 299 Dance History

ECON 380: Food Economics
ECON 446: Gender and the Economy

EDF 215: Education in a Multicultural Society

EDSC 425: Multicultural, Interdisciplinary Teaching at the Secondary Level

EDTE 314: Applying Learning Theories in Diverse Settings (K-12 Programs)
EDTE 316: Principles of Learning in Diverse Settings (Secondary)

ENG 212/AFAM 212 African-American Literature
ENG 215/WGSS 215: Intro to Women Writers 
ENG 345/AFAM 345: Modern African-American Literature

GERO 101 Intro to Gerontology

HIST 261: The History and Culture of African Americans to 1900 (checking with John Tully)
HIST 262: The History and Culture of African Americans since 1900 (checking with John Tully)
HIST 301/AFAM 469: African Americans in the 20th Century
HIST 319/LTN 319: Race, Ethnicity and Migration in the US
HIST 323: Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands, 1520-Present
HIST 330/WGSS 330: History of Women in the US, 1607-1865
HIST 331/WGSS 331: History of Women in the US 1865-Present 
HIST 405: Local History and Community Development
HIST 411: Atlantic World, 1500-1880
HIST 480/LTN 480: Latinos in North America

JOUR 371: Reporting Cultural Diversity

LAW 250: Business Law and Ethics

LTN 110: Intro to Latino Studies 

MATH 344: Math and Diverse Cultures

MGT 403: Ethical and Social Issues for Management 

PHIL 222: Philosophy of Gender
PHIL 244: Introduction to Philosophy of Social Justice
PHIL 344: Topics in Philosophical and Global Justice
PHIL 360: African-American Philosophy

PS 111/AFAM 111: Race and Ethnicity in US and Global Politics

PSY 364 Adult Development and Aging
PSY 390/WGSS 390: Human Sexuality 
PSY 420: Cross-Cultural Psychology 
PSY 448/WGSS 448: Psych of Women  
PSY 498: Diversity of Latina/o Psychology 
PSY 430 Intergroup Relations
PSY 372 Social Psychology

REL 361: African-American Religion 

SOC 111: Social Problems
SOC 208/WGSS 208: Gay and Lesbian Communities
SOC 212: Race, Class, and Gender
SOC 240/WGSS 240: Sociology of Gender 
SOC 307: Schools, Education, and Society
SOC 309/LTN 309: US Immigration
SOC 312: Class, Power, and Status
SOC 322: Race and Racism
SOC 323: Why Unions Matter
SOC 420/WGSS 420: Gender and Education 
SOC 478: Marxist Sociology

SUST 140: Introduction to Sustainability

WGSS 200: Intro to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies