Alumni Testimonials

The Central economics program prepares students for multiple career and graduate school pathways. See what some of our recent graduates have to say!

Tyler Carbone – IT Internal Auditor for Aetna

Majoring in Economics at Central was one of the wisest decisions I made. The insightful disposition of my professors caused an intellectual shift for me. They were always willing to meet and lend a helping hand outside of the classroom. Most importantly, my economics degree prepared me for life after Central. I was more than prepared for my new role in Aetna’s Financial Leadership Development Program and that’s all thanks to the Economics Department of my Alma Mater.

Shelby Dattilo – University of Connecticut Law School

During my time with the Central Economics department, the faculty fostered an engaging learning environment and consistently provided real-world context with which to understand the foundations of economic thinking. Professors continually demonstrated a personal investment in my education by meeting outside of class to discuss concepts, and encouraging me to work together with my classmates and the community. My economics education has been invaluable to me because it endowed me with the ability to think critically through my professional and personal decisions, while at the same time better understanding the decision-making processes of the institutions and individuals I work with. The department has a commitment to global understanding which inspired me to work in Seoul, South Korea as an English instructor after graduation and made me a successful contributing reporter at the 15thAnnual World Knowledge Forum in Seoul…I am confident that my undergraduate education will help me better assess how legal decisions affect economic outcomes.

Elizabeth Della Penna – Account Executive for Carousel Industries

At 18, I had been pigeonholed into picking a major and minor, and I had zero clue what I wanted to do with my future. During my first semester, I was in a required Macroeconomics course with Professor Ragusett, who was also new to the University. I had taken a course in high school but didn’t really understand what it was or how it applied to my life, and it’s funny thinking back now because it applies to everything in life. I loved the class, he explained it so well and in ways every student could understand and grasp. I found myself really enjoying the course and excelling at it. I couldn’t wait till the next semester to take the microeconomics course and you can believe I made sure it was with Professor Ragusett. I had met a mentor and intellect that pushed me to pursue it as a major, and I am so thankful. I took six of his courses overall and had at least one class with each of the professors in the department. I enjoyed them each for different reasons, but mostly for challenging me intellectually and giving me a reason to look at the economy in a whole different perspective. The program gave me a lot of life skills that I apply to my everyday job as a Sales Executive of Technology. It’s all about trends, power of the purchaser, and how the economy is negatively or positively impacted in the moment and long term. I evaluate these and many other economic thought processes to determine how I can go to market and create value for my customers.

Tashonne Rose – Accounts Payable Coordinator for The Bushnell

I was incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated department supporting me every step of the way. The Economics Department felt more like home. I found myself in the department office frequently. There was always an open door willing to help me with my classes or help me figure out my post graduate life. I was actually able to make connections with my professors, and that's not always easy to do. I can honestly say I haven't found a more committed group of people. I would hear my friends complain about their courses and their professors, but I could never relate. Not only did I always feel like a valued student, but I actually learned. I always learned something valuable in my economics courses and was able to comprehend the material. I am so glad I chose economics as my major. Hands down, the Economics Department is the best on campus!

Matthew Rubino – Associate Analyst for LIMRA

I remember my time with the Central Economics Department as extremely valuable. The professors were knowledgeable and communicative, and truly cared about the successes of their students. Working in market analysis for LIMRA in Windsor, CT, I find myself turning back to my lessons on a daily basis. More importantly, I feel my experiences with the Economics Department prepared me to continue to learn and think critically once I entered my career.

John Szalan – University of Connecticut Law School

The Economics Department at Central has opened doors for me that I never could have imagined. The economics program here does an incredible job straddling the quantitative aspects of economics along with the liberal arts aspects of economics. With the fantastic experience I had studying economics at Central, I am in my final year of law school pursuing my passion for law. During my tenure at law school I’ve worked for the City of Bridgeport Legal Department and the National Development Council in New York City. I couldn’t have done any of this without the Economics Department at Central.

Alex Thim – University of Massachusetts – Amherst Ph.D. Program

The Central Economics program is like no other. The wide variety of viewpoints and approaches to economics provided me with a very rich economic background. With the first-rate education I received through this department I was able to get accepted to the top heterodox PhD program in the country, where I am currently pursuing research in urban economics and political economy.

Alex Tomczuk – University of Connecticut Master’s in Public Policy Program

Central’s Economics Department provided me with a level of attention that cannot be found in other schools. All of the professors do everything in their power to help you succeed; whether it’s through academic help or career advice. Jared, in particular, coached me through a thesis and life after graduating. Now, I find myself enrolled in UConn’s Masters of Public Policy program, which is among the best in the country.

Samantha Yousef – Supply Chain Specialist at Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Co.

I am thankful to have gone through the economics program. My economics degree has helped me stand out as a job candidate and I believe it is one of the most rewarding majors offered at Central. The concepts learned are very applicable, not only for my career, but everyday life. The course work offered in the program was challenging, yet very enjoyable. The economic professors are some of the best professors on campus. They helped me learn, not only for what was required in their classrooms, but for what would be needed in my future career. They were extremely supportive throughout my time on campus and it was a pleasure to learn from them. If you choose economics as your major, you will not be disappointed.