Transfer Articulation Plans

The TAP Steering Committee has finalized a proposal for the System-wide General Education Core. The framework is a structure for implementing Public Act No. 12-31, which requires ...a general education core of courses for which not fewer than thirty academic credits shall be offered by each constituent unit as part of its liberal arts and sciences programs and any other degree program designated as a transfer program.

The following links take you to proposed pathways:

Communication pathway (proposed)

History Pathway (revised)

English Pathway

Political Science Pathway

Criminal Justice Pathway

Sociology Pathway

Chemistry Pathway

Social Work Pathway

Psychological Science Pathway

Mathematics Pathway

Computer Science Pathway

Geography Pathway

Media Studies Pathway

Proposed Mission Statement

The following links will direct you to the approved documents:

Letter from Steering Committee detailing response to feedback, framework, and learning outcomes

Goals and Learning Outcomes with tracked changes

Click here to access the approved TAP Rubriks

Proposed TAP articulation with CCSU Gen Ed

TAP-FIRC Biology Transfer Articulation Pathway and Degree Program

Introduction to TAP Pathway Work Groups

Introduction to Biology Pathway Endorsement