Information for Members of the Curriculum Committee

  1. Your primary duty is to consider all proposed curriculum changes. At CCSU, the curriculum is determined by the Faculty, not the administration. Look over every curriculum submission and use your considered judgment as to whether the proposal would improve our curriculum.
  2. To see which subcommittee(s) the Chair has assigned you, check the membership list "Membership." If you are unable to attend the meetings you've been assigned, contact the Chair of the Curriculum Committee.
  3. For a general overview of the curriculum process, check "Curriculum Process."
  4. For step-by-step instructions on how to make a curriculum submission, check Curriculum Submission Process."
  5. Submit curriculum proposals here.
  6. At some point, peruse the "FAQ Sheet."
  7. Please consider making sections of your courses "Diversity" sections: consult "[D] Designation."
  8. For some useful information, see "DHE Regulations."