Software Engineering Studio

2019 prize winners

2019 prize winners: Khaled Alzaqri, Joshua Glynn, Nicholas Podgorski, and Timothy Sternberg; with Stan Kurkovsky (CS Prof.), Tim Davoll (CS Industrial Advisory Board chair), and Chris Bennett (Data-Mail Inc. CTO).

Software Engineering Studio provides an opportunity for external and internal customers to sponsor a software development project completed by CCSU Computer Science and Software Engineering students. These projects are completed by teams of 4 or 5 students taking one of the following courses:

CS 410 Software Engineering
CS 498 Senior Project
CS 530 Advanced Software Engineering

CS 410 and CS 498 form the Capstone Sequence required for all students in our ABET-accredited BS CS Honors program. CS 530 is a core course for our MS Software Engineering program.

Over the course of one or two semesters, each team works with the customer, applying computer science and software engineering skills that the students learned during their studies. The teams carry the project from inception through the software development lifecycle to deployment. A typical end result is a prototype of or a fully functional software system ready for use by the customer.

External corporate, non-profit, and internal CCSU sponsors submit proposals describing challenging, real-world software solutions that teams of CCSU students will work on. Depending on the scope of the project, it may be completed within one or two 15-week semesters.

Companies and organizations that have sponsored past student projects include:

  • New Britain Housing Authority
  • Journey Home
  • Jobs for Humanity
  • Aetna
  • The Hartford
  • Stanley-Whitman House museum
  • CTfastrak
  • EDSN Foundation
  • Tipevo
  • CCSU Department of History
  • CCSU Department of Psychology

Please direct any questions to the Software Engineering Studio Coordinator, Dr. Stan Kurkovsky at

You will need to complete a Project Proposal to provide a description of your project. Proposals are typically a 4 to 6 page document that briefly outlines the nature and scope of the project. The Project Proposal document includes guidelines to assist you in the process of writing your proposal. The Software Engineering Studio Coordinator will work with you to edit the proposal for appropriateness, clarity, and scope. If you have any questions during any stage of the process, feel free to contact the Software Engineering Studio Coordinator, Dr. Stan Kurkovsky at