(Captain) Lucas Anderson

Gamer Handle: Glitch
Twitch: ultimate_glitch_

Jorge Morales

Gamer Handle: CPCTCG
Twitch: cpctcg

Antonio Baerga

Gamer Handle: DarakaX

Michael Brouwer

Gamer Handle: DrFill

Hector Pulido

Gamer Handle EntenEller

Ben Kruse

Gamer Handle: Evolution

Zachary Haney

Gamer Handle: EǏS

Jack Pirrello

Gamer Handle: Garbo

Rob Barstow

Game Handle: Jcr122

Matthew White

Sean Stroiney

Gamer Handle: NDZ

Justin Braun

Gamer Handle: TheBigJuice

Contact Information

James Mulrooney
Interim Associate Vice President
Academic Affairs
Tina-Marie Rivera-Rowe
Associate Director of IT Strategic Initiatives & Projects
Information Technology
Adjunct Professor
Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology
Faculty Senate
Cybersecurity, BS
Marcus White Annex


Room is reserved for events through the Central Reservations Office in the Student Center.