CARE Scholarship Program

Central's Academic Readiness & Engagement Program


The CARE Scholars Program provides students coming from foster care & adoption with resources to support them throughout their academic endeavors

Contact Information:

Tanya Kennedy
Location: Willard DiLoreto Hall, Suite W 313
Office: 860.832.1907
Fax: 860.832.0191


Tutoring and Support Services

CARE students are connected to on-campus resources such as tutoring to assist them with academic challenges. In addition, social and emotional support are offered by the Counseling & Wellness Center.

Academic Advising & Career Exploration

Students will receive assistance with course selection and career exploration.

Peer Mentoring

Success Central Peer Mentors are matched with CARE Scholars to help students in the transition to college. The Success Central Program support first and second year students by matching them with a trained junior or senior peer mentor at Central. Students are supported in areas key to success such as time-management, study tips, where to go for help dealing with a particular issue, how to balance life demands & classes, gaining experience in your major, and making friends.

Workshops/Discussion Forum

CARE Scholars participate in workshops/forums ensure participants have information & encouragement needed to become academically, socially, & professionally self-motivated & empowered students.

Board of Advisors

  • Ms. Jean Alicandro, Residence Life
  • Lisa Driscoll, DCF Postsecondary
  • Ms. Wendy Jackson, DCF Postsecondary
  • Ms. Latanya Kennedy, Associate Director of Central's CARE Scholars
  • Ms. Keri Lupachino, Financial Aid
  • Dr. Ebony Cole, Financial Aid
  • Ms. Maria Pastorelli, DCF Postsecondary
  • Ms. Surbhi V. Patel, Student Disability Services
  • Ms. Jessica Hernandez, Director of College Success Programs
  • Dr. Michael Russo, Student Wellness Services
  • Mr. Craig Schnur, Bursars Office

Contact Information

Central Access, Success and Academics

Hours of Operation

On Campus
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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