Internships & Cooperative Education


Information for Employers

Employers interested in posting internships should contact the appropriate academic department of the major for the student they wish to participate in their program.  For more information the schools are located below: 

  • Carol Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – Willard DiLoreto Hall, Suite D-303, (860) 832-2602
  • School of Business – Vance Academic Center, Vance Hall, Room 216, 860-832-3205
  • School of Education and Professional Studies, Carroll Hall, Room 150, 860-832-2101
  • School of Engineering, Science and Technology, Copernicus Hall, Room 2240700, 860-832-1863

Employers are recommend to create an internship posting with all information on HANDSHAKE.  For more information contact the Career Development Office at, or call 860 832-1615.

Internships for credit:

Internships are a required component of some academic majors and an optional component of others. Each academic department determines its own policies and procedures regarding internships for credit. Students interested in obtaining additional information  should contact their academic department.

Internships not for credit:

Students do not need academic approval for non-credit internship opportunities. However, it is important to investigate internship opportunities carefully in order to ensure that the experience will be a valuable means of exploring or advancing knowledge of a career choice. The Career Success Center, located in Willard-DiLoreto Hall, Suite 101 on the First Floor, can guide students in this process.

Cooperative Education

Through the Co-operative Education Program (Co-op), employers are able to select students best suited to fill their needs before those students graduate. Co-op students are hired on a temporary basis and trained on the job for a predetermined period of time. There are two work blocks: A) January-June and B) July-December. Hiring a Co-op student is very cost effective because companies are not required to offer Co-op students employee benefits nor are they eligible for unemployment compensation at the conclusion of their work block. Unlike other temporary hiring arrangements, businesses never pay any fees or service charges associated with our program. A student may participate in the Co-op program for up to four (4) work blocks (two year equivalent) as long as they are progressively learning on the job and satisfied employers can either hire these students (after graduation) as permanent employees at a fraction of the traditional recruitment cost or opt to select another Co-op student.