Intramural Leagues

The goal of Intramurals is to establish fun, active, and inviting environments for all skill levels. To achieve this, we offer three different leagues for every sport, each more competitive than the last. Various sports and tournaments are offered to the entire Central community each year and the best part is that all intramural sports are FREE!

How to register for an Intramural Sport

How to register: 
STEP 1: Download the fusion play app 
STEP 2: Sign in with your Central email 
STEP 3: Sign up for sport of your choice 
STEP 4: Choose a division of your choice 
STEP 5: Create a team or join an existing team

Link to FusionPlay

Can I join without a team?

Absolutely! You can join a league as a free agent and then be picked up by teams looking to fill out their roster. You will be made visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself that is relevant to the sport.

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May 24th & 27th
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