Protestant Faith Consultant

The Protestant Faith Consultant is here for you if you have faith questions or if you want to explore how your faith can help direct the choices you make on life’s journey.

The Protestant Faith Consultant can assist as an ecumenical representative of the Anglican/Episcopal, American Baptist, Congregational (UCC), Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches on behalf of the entire University community. We maintain an open approach to religious, scientific, and other modes of learning. We seek to support students as they explore, question, and test their beliefs through worship, discussion, and community involvement. This is a place where you can engage your questions of faith with your heart and your mind. It is also a place to talk about the everyday stuff: jobs, school, study, dating, friends, and the challenges of keeping it all together when life seems overwhelming.

You are welcome to connect with the Protestant Faith Consultant and attend any of the United Houses of Worship wherever you are on your spiritual journey. We encourage you to attend, whether you attended church as a child or have never stepped inside a church; whether you are liberal, conservative, agnostic, straight, gay, or any other label others want to attach to you!

Following God is about compassion and love, forgiveness and justice. It is a journey to be walked with others in community, sharing our joys and our sorrows, supporting each other as we walk together. Please join us!

Please see Houses of Worship for local churches.

Dr. Felton Best, Protestant Faith Consultant
(860) 832-2817