What Happens if Someone Suspects Me

Possible outcomes of academic misconduct include:

  • Receiving a zero on an assignment
  • Failing a class
  • Possible suspension or expulsion from the university


Honorlock is a remote proctoring service that creates a fair testing environment for all students by protecting exams and academic integrity. Honorlock’s remote proctoring services works directly within Blackboard, and uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor each student’s online exam session and alerts a live, US-based proctor if any academic dishonesty is detected.

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Academic Misconduct Student Appeal Form

This form is intended for use by students who feel they have been unjustly accused of academic misconduct (per item #5 of the Academic Misconduct Policy). Students must first submit an appeal to the Chair of the Department in which the alleged misconduct occurred prior to submitting this form.

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What if I Suspect Someone Else

We all share the responsibility of upholding academic integrity not only for ourselves but for the greater good of the community. If you suspect someone of academic misconduct, discuss it with your Professor.

Who to Contact with Questions

Talk to your professor or contact the Office of Student Rights.


Student guide to academic integrity

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