Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is among the institution’s most prestigious honors, recognizing full-time Central employees who have demonstrated outstanding service to the university. Nominations are put forward by faculty, staff, students, and colleagues from other academic institutions. To be considered, a candidate must have delivered exceptional service to the university over an extended period. Each year, the DSA Committee reviews nominations and recommends candidates to the University President for final selection. The award can be won by an individual only once.

1972Aurell, Paullin, Selvi
1973Duffy, Spooner
1974Kahn, Muirhead, Owen, Edna Sole
1975Clebowicz, Anna Johnson, Rio, Yavener
1976Pescosolido, Tozloski
1977Gernstein, Gomez-Gil, Soule (Robert)
1978Helen Martin, W. Moore, Whiteis
1979Glasheen, George Miller
1980Sam Chen, Blockley
1981Boulden, Cash, Perzanowski
1982Jestin, Tupper, Groth, Leeds
1983Bard, Newton
1984Bulman, Chichester, Hoyd, Krein
1985Fu, Detrick
1986June Higgins
1987A. Todd Sagraves
1988David Denuccio
1989Paul Beeching
1990Kevin Earls (post humous), Marilyn Hott
1991Daniel Moran
1992William Kerr, Charles Jones
1993Leeds Carluccio
1994Judith Hriceniak
1995H.G. Peter Wallach (post homous), Leroy E. Temple
1996Andrew Baron, Ross Baiera
1997John Mantzaris, Peg Schuberth
1998Antonia Moran, David Ross
1999Lani Beck Johnson, James Jost
2000Tom Eisenlohn
2001Chuck Wallach
2002Armand Zottola
2003Ali Antar
2004Paul Altieri
2005Carol Shaw Austad
2006Pamela Perry, Ruth Rollin
2007Maria Alvarez, Tim Rickard
2008Tim Craine, Rene Karas
2009Nick Pettinico
2010Gil Gigliotti
2011Helen Abadiano
2012Louise Olszewski, Anthony Rigazio-Digilio
2013Katherine Pirog
2014Zdzislaw Kremens
2015Stephen Adair
2016James DeLaura
2017Nancy Hoffman
2018Matthew Warshauer
2019William Fothergill
2020Lisa Bucher, Warren Perry
2021John Day Tully
2022Evelyn Phillips
2023Barry Westcott

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