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Henry Barnard Hall, Room 406
860.832.2047 (fax)

Zongxiang Mei

International Education Coordinator

Chaihyung Christine Park

University Assistant

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Partium Christian University

Oradea, Romania

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Founded in 1990, Partium Christian University is a private higher education institution located in the small city of Oradea, Bihor. Partium Christian University provides quality education that is appreciated throughout the whole country. Partium Christian University ranks in the national rating of Romania, this impressive result was achieved in less than 35 years.". Please use the same text size, coloring and font as "Students have the option of living on campus at Partium Christian University or find their own accommodation.

Academic Subjects

Economics, English Language/Literature, Fine Arts, German Language/Literature, Hungarian Language/Literature, Management, Music, Social Work, Sociology, and Tourism Services.


Students have the option of living on campus at Partium Christian University or find their own accommodation.

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Program Details

Language Requirement: None

Language of Instruction: English

Required GPA: 2.75

Term: Fall, Spring, Full Year

Program: Undergraduate and Graduate


Program Costs

Students pay regular CCSU tuition. 



Zongxiang Mei

International Education Coordinator
Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Room 406
860 832 2043