Faculty Resources

Step 1

February 10, 2023: Center for International Education issues, via e-mail, two documents: “2024 Course Abroad Proposal Form” AND “Proposal Guide for 2024 Course Abroad

Step 2

March 24, 2023: Interested faculty members submit the completed Course Abroad Proposal Form to the appropriate Department Chair(s) and copy to Zongxiang Mei in the Center for International Education (zongxiang.mei@ccsu.edu). When approving the faculty to teach the course(s) listed in the proposal, the department chair also agrees to list the course(s) along with all other regular departmental offerings in the academic semester/session in which the Course Abroad program will occur.

Step 3

April 7, 2023: If cross-listing with an International Studies (IS) course, the Department Chairs send proposal to the Director(s) of the International Studies (undergrad and/or graduate) for approval before forwarding the copy of approved proposals to their Academic Dean.

Step 4

April 8-21, 2023: Academic Deans review proposals and request changes, as necessary. The Academic Dean’s approval is contingent upon the Department Chair’s prior approval.

Step 5

April 21, 2023: Academic Deans forward proposals with graduate-level courses to the Dean of Graduate Studies for his/her review and approval as appropriate. Proposals which offer 500-level coursework will be reviewed and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Dean of Graduate Studies will also ascertain if the proposed courses should be listed together as one course or if each (e.g. graduate and undergraduate) will need to stand on its own.

Step 6

May 5, 2023: Academic Deans forward approved proposals (bearing signatures from the applying faculty member, department chair(s) and dean(s)) to CIE (attention: Momar Ndiaye at mndiaye@ccsu.edu).

Step 7

May – August 2023: CIE develops print and web-based material for all programs.

Step 8

July 2023 to January 2024: CIE develops program budgets, sets prices, and forecasts scholarships.

Please contact CIE at mndiaye@ccsu.edu or zongxiang.mei@ccsu.edu with questions or concerns.