Student Services Center

Advising FAQs

Who do I meet with to select courses and/or plan my program?

If you are a continuing student, you must meet with your academic advisor for your major. If you are a NEW student, you will see the appropriate advising center. Click here for Center information

When do I register for classes?

You will receive a reminder email ( from the Registrar's Office when is close to advising time. You must reach out to your advisor to schedule an appointment and receive your alternate PIN. Your registration date will be based on credits completed. Click here for the registration schedule.

What is the purpose of the alternate pin number?

Alternate Pin numbers are designed to ensure that a student meets with his/her academic advisor and receives advising before registration.

When do I get issued the number?

The number is given to you after meeting with your advisor for a course-selection conference each semester. The advisor gives you your Alternate PIN number, which allows you to register for courses. 

Can I obtain my alternate pin via e-mail or phone?

No, the Alternate Pin number cannot be given out on the phone or by e-mail. 

What happens if lose my pin number?

You can contact your advisor, the SEST, Student Services Center (if you have received prior advising) or your department (if you have received prior advising) to get your pin number. If you contact SEST, Student Services Center or your department, you must show proof that you have met with your advisor. 

Is this the number I will use for registration as long as I am a student at the University?

No, the number changes from semester to semester. 

When and where can I drop classes?

You can drop classes by completing a drop form in registrar's office during the first three weeks of the semester. 

When and where can I withdraw from classes?

You can withdraw from classes by completing a withdrawal form in the registrar's office between the third and the twelfth week of the semester. A "w" will show on your record. Beyond the twelfth week there must be proof of extenuating circumstance to get a withdrawal. 

How can I get enrolled into a class that is closed?

You have to talk to the chair of the department offering the course. The chairperson will tell you if is possible for you to get into a specific class and will provide instructions to do so. Each academic department has their own process for considering closed class access.

How do I get a prerequisite override?

You have to talk to the chair of the department offering the course to get a prerequisite override. You must show proof that you have the perquisite for the course.