Transfer Student Advising

The School of Engineering, Science, and Technology would like to welcome our newly admitted Transfer Students. Our faculty and staff look forward to working with you. ALL incoming transfer students are required to attend a Transfer Advising Session offered by the SEST, Student Services Center. If you have been formally admitted to CCSU and paid any required deposits, please register for and attend a Transfer Advising Session so that we may begin the academic advising process.

At your Transfer Advising Session, you will learn about:

    • program requirements
    • general education requirements
    • university policies
    • available resources

You will also have the opportunity to speak with an advisor to discuss your transferred credits and a course of study for the upcoming semester.

To ensure the best chance of getting the courses you need, it is strongly recommended that you attend a Transfer Advising Session at the earliest possible date. Course registration requires an alternate PIN which is obtained during your advising session. Please note once you have signed up for your transfer advising (using the link below), we analyze your incoming credits and work closely with the department of your major to put together recommendations for the upcoming semester.

***Please click here to schedule a transfer advising appointment***