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The MS in Software Engineering program prepares students for a broad range of careers and professional growth in the field of software engineering, including software architecture and design, software construction, software testing and quality assurance, software maintenance, database systems, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, data mining, linked data engineering, and data visualization. It focuses on the foundational concepts of the field and emphasizes the practical applications of these concepts. Students interested in research will find an abundance of advanced topics in cutting edge areas, such as data mining, Semantic web, data visualization, and distributed computing, to name a few. The program is designed for maximum flexibility to allow students to concentrate in one or more areas of study.

Learning outcomes:

  • Have the ability to identify, formulate, and solve software engineering problems in a variety of application settings;
  • Understand modern software engineering concepts, techniques, practices, and tools and to apply them to the development of complex software systems;
  • Possess advanced level software development skills and demonstrate in-depth knowledge in at least one computer science area;
  • Recognize the need for, and have the ability to engage in, continuing professional development; and
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences and possess skills needed to work successfully as a part of a team.

Admission requirements:  

  1.  BS in Computer Science degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with an undergraduate GPA of 2.70 or higher and a minimum of 3.00 or higher in any post baccalaureate coursework, or
  2. BS in a related information technology field (with GPA as stated above) with a minimum of six courses of relevant computer science courses (Computer Science 1, Computer Science 2, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, and two advanced computer science electives). May require an extra semester or a summer term to satisfy the expected computer science background by taking CS 501 Foundations of Computer Science and/or CS 502 Computing and Communications Technology as prerequisite courses (not part of the program), or
  3. BS in a STEM field (with GPA as stated above) with a minimum of five courses of relevant mathematics and computer science courses (Calculus I, Calculus II, Discrete Math, Computer Science I, Computer Science II). Will require an extra semester to satisfy the expected computer science background by taking CS 501 Foundations of Computer Science, CS 502 Computing and Communications Technology and CS 464 Programming Languages (not part of the program).

Conditional Admissions

An applicant for the MS in Software Engineering program who does not meet regular admission standards in terms of GPA, but has an undergraduate GPA between 2.40 and 2.69 may be considered for conditional admission.

Additional Materials Required

Applicants with a BS degree different from Computer Science (see 2 and 3 above) must submit a resume and two letters of recommendation to be used in reviewing their computer science related background. Additional materials should be sent to the Department of Computer Science, Maria Sanford Hall, Room 303, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT 06050.

Course and Capstone Requirements

Total Credit Hours: 33

Admissions Contact

Graduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Stan Kurkovsky
Computer Science
Maria Sanford Hall

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