Management, BS

Central to Leading with Purpose.

Central’s BS in Management provides a basic foundation in management theory and practices. Upon completion of the program, management majors will possess the competencies and skills necessary to successfully navigate today’s complex business environment, as well as for graduate study.

Students are encouraged to customize their course of study based on their professional interests in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Graduates can expect to pursue careers in diverse areas such as human resources management, entrepreneurship, small business management, healthcare management, international management, not-for-profit management, or other management oriented program interests.

Program Features

  • Students may also select specialized courses to meet their unique needs and interests
  • All faculty possess PhDs from top universities and have extensive research and teaching experience
  • Faculty are committed to offering world class learning opportunities and helping every student succeed
  • Real business world experience may be obtained by students through school-sponsored internships and the Central Cooperative Education Program
  • Option for 5-year accelerated BS in Management/MBA
  • Financial aid and scholarships available
  • Free on-campus child care available

Program Options

Prepares students for entrepreneurial careers in new venture creation, managing family-owned or other small business enterprises, or working in an entrepreneurial capacity (product development, business development,cross-discipline leadership, etc.) for existing firms. This specialization provides a basic foundation in the knowledge necessary to search for and evaluate new venture opportunities, and to finance, operate, and manage new or growing businesses. Students are required to complete a field study experience.

For students interested in preparing for careers in areas such as international management, healthcare management, non-profit management, or advanced study in the discipline.

For students interested in preparing for careers in human resource management or personnel administration in a variety
of business and non-business settings.



The Central School of Business is an accredited member of AACSB International - the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

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Academic Contact

Christopher Lee
Department Chair & Professor
Management & Organization
R.C. Vance Academic Center

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Communication Skills
    CS1: Students will prepare and deliver an effective business document.
    CS2: Students will demonstrate comprehension of the business communication process.
  2. Team Players
    TP1: Students provide meaningful contributions to team outcomes.
    TP2: Students will describe, identify and explain characteristics of effective teams.
  3. Ethics and Social Responsibility
    ES1: Students can recommend actions consistent with high ethical standards in response to an ethical dilemma.
    ES2: Students will identify the impact of business actions and decisions on multiple stakeholders.
  4. Thinking Skills
    TS1: Students will identify appropriate issues for action when faced with a business situation.
    TS2: Students will gather, interpret and integrate data from across disciplines to solve business problems.