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International Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to build student expertise in particular world regions and/or about diverse international issues including globalization; global population, migration, and health; international conflict, terrorism, governance, and law; imperialism, decolonization, and development; and the role of gender, race, and class in international contexts. 

An MS degree in International Studies prepares students for a range of career possibilities in government service, in foundations and NGOs, and in the wide range of institutions offering services transnationally or otherwise working in global environments. 

CCSU was designated as a Center for Excellence in International Education in 1986. Today, along with its Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Studies, CCSU boasts a wide variety of study abroad programs and initiatives. The continuing enrichment, expansion, and refinement of the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science programs in International Studies result from the institution’s established commitment to global awareness and global citizenship. 

Course and Capstone Requirements

30 credits in International Studies (Plan A or Plan C)

2. Geographical Areas and Global Themes (18 credits)

Students will select 6-12 Credits from each of our program’s two focuses, for a total of 18 credits.

Geographical Areas:

12 credits for students who wish to develop a primary focus in a particular world geographical area. 

9 credits for students who wish to balance area and global focuses.

6 credits for students who wish to complement their primary focus on a global theme.

2a. Geographical Areas:

East Asia (6 to 12 credits)

For any course designated GEOG 4XX, graduate students must register for GEOG 516 to receive graduate credit.

For any course designated HIST 4XX, graduate students must register for HIST 495 to receive graduate credit.

2b. Global Themes (6 to 12 credits)

12 credits for students who wish to develop a primary focus on a particular global theme.

9 credits for students who wish to balance global and area focuses

6 credits for students who wish to complement their primary focus on a geographical area.

Global Themes

4. Language Requirement and Study Abroad

The International Studies MS program requires that all students have a level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding of a single world language relevant to the area of geographical specialization, equal to the completion of the 126-level (226-level for French, Italian, or Spanish). Fulfillment of this requirement will be determined by a CCSU instructor of the language, the Chair of the World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department, or a CCSU faculty member designated by the Director of International Studies.

In addition to the language requirement, IS students without significant life or study experiences abroad are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program, whether a course abroad or a semester or summer exchange. Information about study abroad programs is available via the Center for International Education.

Total Credit Hours: 30

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