Art, BA

Central to Creating Visual Expression.

Central’s BA in Art provides students with options in studio areas like painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, new media arts, mural painting, as well as art history. Students develop the skills to succeed in their career objectives as professional artists, designers, and art educators.

The program exposes students to all areas of art and assists students with resources to have their art exhibited in museums, art centers, and libraries throughout the state. Student work can also be seen in galleries and buildings on campus.

Program Features

  • Attend full- or part-time
  • Classes are on-campus
  • Portfolio development
  • Hands-on skill development
  • Studio-based research for thesis work
  • Work with inspiring artists and students
  • Small class sizes
  • Knowledgeable, diverse, and energetic faculty engaged in actively exhibiting artwork in galleries, museums, and theaters of national and international scope
  • Internship and study abroad opportunities
  • Financial aid and scholarships available
  • Free on-campus child care available

Admissions Contact

Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Vicente Garcia
Professor, Department Chair
Art & Design
James J. Maloney Hall
FA 152

Academic Department

In order to be great, you need to have great people in your life, people that help you recognize your own greatness within. That’s what the department of Art and Design at Central did for me, and I am immensely pleased and grateful.

Rolando Muniz

Did You Know?

In addition to the required core curriculum, there is an individual planned programming component with specific directed electives relevant to the students’ area of focus.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Perceptual: Students will demonstrate perceptual skills that include the facility to see more clearly and comprehensively.
  2. Conceptual: Students will demonstrate conceptual skills by assimilating the elements and principles of design and applying creative, critical, and philosophical thinking to their work.
  3. Technical: Students will demonstrate a proficiency of techniques, knowledge of vocabulary, and an exploration of various media.
  4. Translational: Students will conduct studio-based research to construct a thesis and create a series of artworks that articulates this thesis.
  5. Art Historical: Students will demonstrate a contextual basis for their art through a study of the art history of diverse cultures, modern and contemporary art, and through the integration of this study in the hands-on process of art making.