Bachelor of General Studies

Central to Following Your Passion.

CCSU’s Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree will fit your needs. You will have the flexibility of choosing classes from one of the established themes below or creating one that works for you. 

Having a bachelor’s degree increases your employability and earnings. The BGS program is a flexible, educational pathway for the following students:

  • Adult learners or military veterans who have  accumulated credits at different institutions over the years, but may be unsure how these credits might transfer or fit together
  • Transfer students coming from a communitycollege who haven’t found the right program tofit your educational  or professional goals
  • Current or past CCSU students who could notcomplete their initial degree program as planned

Program Features

  • Offered in spring and fall semesters
  • Attend full- or part-time
  • Explore opportunities for internships and career paths
  • Program themes include 15 credits of 300-400 level courses
  • Graduate with the compelling advantage provided by a broad base of knowledge across related subjects
  • Financial aid is available

Program Options

Arts & Humanities Theme

This theme explores the areas of creative expression and interpretations of human experience, and the appreciation and development of thought and ideas. Students will choose from courses in literature, philosophy, and fine arts.

People & Industry Theme

Students focusing on this theme will explore the relationship between individuals and the world of business. Courses include accounting, finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurial studies.

Professional Studies Theme

This theme explores the helping and service professions. Courses include social work, nursing, and education.

Social & Behavioral Sciences Theme

In this theme, you will explore the interactions between and among individuals and groups. You will also develop a scientific understanding of the social world. Courses include sociology, psychological sciences, history, political science, anthropology, and criminology.

STEM Theme

This theme will help students develop a scientific understanding of the natural world. Students will choose from courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

- Dr. Beth Merenstein

The BGS, by its nature, is more interdisciplinary than the traditional majors CCSU offers. With a BGS, a student could work with the credits they have already received and pursue a path aligned with their career plans and interests. Further, students will benefit from interacting with more faculty across disciplines. CCSU is excited to offer this program for our current students, transfer students, and those looking to complete their degree with the credits they have already earned.

- Dr. Beth Merenstein

Blanket of Support

  • Meet with the director for personal advising and receive your own faculty advisor after your application is accepted
  • Advisors offer personalized attention in career exploration and academic advising
  • In addition to tutoring, The Learning Center offers academic coaching to support students in all disciplines
  • Success Central is a peer mentoring program that students can voluntarily access and develop a support network with matched peer mentors
  • Using our Early Alert system, faculty can connect students who are struggling with appropriate academic and wellness support

Did You Know?

People with bachelor’s degrees earned more than 40% higher median weekly earnings ($1,248) than those with associate’s degrees ($887), or some college but no degree ($833). Having a bachelor’s degree increases employability and earnings. (