Nursing Simulation Suites & Laboratory

Lab Mission:

To provide high-quality simulation-based learning focused on improving patient safety and quality of care in the community that we serve.


To provide experiential learning opportunities that allow students to learn and practice critical thinking, clinical reasoning and judgment, skill attainment and therapeutic communication.


  1. Create a safe learning environment.
  2. Increase student ability to provide patient-centered, culturally sensitive care.
  3. Teach and foster interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.
  4. Use information and technology to support decision-making and quality improvement.
  5. Incorporate best practices and standards of simulation across the curriculum.

Use of Technology: Virtual Reality Simulation in the Central XR Lab

Nursing students have the opportunity to complete patient care scenarios in the XR Lab during their time in the nursing program. They will work either independently or in small groups to practice delivering nursing care to virtual patients and families.