Nursing Deptartment Mission

Department of Nursing


Mission Statement

The Nursing faculty, in accord with Central Connecticut State University, believes that, in a dynamic society, education for membership in a profession includes the development of expertise in a field and social awareness. In contemporary times, this social awareness includes the development of an increasingly global perspective. The professional nurse with a liberal education thinks critically, provides care that is interpersonally and therapeutically competent, and makes socially significant and personally satisfying contributions to society. The ultimate goal of nursing is to assist individuals, families, and groups to achieve optimal levels of health or wellness. A degree in nursing will empower the student to attain the highest standards of academic achievement, public service, and personal development. A foundational basis encompassing a liberal arts education, nursing theory, and nursing practice will provide the graduate with the ability to have critical judgment and professional accountability in nursing practice. Additionally, the faculty believes that self-directed inquiry and individualized student learning further reflect their mission to serve a wide range of citizenry with varying characteristics and needs.