Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Liaisons:

Eric D. Smith, Equal Employment Opportunity Director, and Sharon P. Okoye, NSTI Program Manager

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Liaison:

Michael Chong, Civil Rights Specialist (CT & RI)

Guest Presentations and Field Trips:

Allison Messina and Daniel Ostman, Connecticut Department of Transportation
Scott Bushee, Danielle Dixon, Jeel Patel, Shayni Shukla, Claire Sylvestre, and Katherine Yale, Connecticut Department of Transportation
Alick Letang, Central Connecticut State University
Orlando Oliveira, Central Connecticut State University
James Grupp, Central Connecticut State University
Martha Kruy, Central Connecticut State University
Eric Jackson, Niloufar Shirani, and Mohammad Shaon, University of Connecticut
Ryan Apanovitch, Casey Hardin, Michael McCarthy, Carol Mendoza, Nancy Rolfe, Bradford Sabean, Stacy Schoen, Tammy Smith, Andre St Germain, and Caitlin Styrczula, AECOM
Robert Del Vento and Arabelle Isaac, Coreslab Structures
David Ferraro, Domenic LaRosa, and James Pelletier, Connecticut Department of Transportation
Thomas Stringer, CT Transit
Richard Franklin and Samuel Stietzel, Connecticut Department of Transportation

Lecture Sessions:

Drs. Swamy Basim, Peter Baumann, Jim Carlson, Alfred Gates, Linda Reeder, Young moo Sohn, Fu-Shang Wei, Bin (Brenda) Zhou, Ms. Rachel Dearborn, and Mr. Mike Torda