Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid experience?

Yes. Districts generally compensate students as a substitute. The average range is $90-110 per day depending on the district.

Does this count as credit towards my field experiences?

No, NextGen Educator experiences are in addition to required classwork. This means that when providing availability for the NextGen program, you must consider time needed to attend classes, work, and the time required for field experiences. Make sure you reserve enough time in your weekly schedule to attend to your studies and fieldwork requirements.

Can I participate in NextGen During my Student Teaching Semester?

No, you are not eligible to participate in the NextGen Educators program during student teaching. Student Teaching requires you to work in a school setting Monday through Friday for the entire school day. Therefore, you would be unavailable to participate in NextGen.

Can I choose the district I work in?

Yes. After applying with Central, your application is sent to the district. You are expected to apply to their district and go through their onboarding process which may require a background check and fingerprinting. While in the program, you are expected to attend professional development (PD) sessions offered by Central. Educators are expected to attend any trainings, PDs, or meetings that takes place during the hours they are working at their assigned school.

What School Districts are Participating in NextGen?

  • Waterbury Public Schools
  • Cromwell Public Schools
  • Newington Public Schools
  • Bristol Public Schools
  • New Britain Public Schools
  • Manchester Public Schools

For more information, contact:
For more information, contact Alex Correia, Administrative Assistant to Dean Paula Talty, School of Education & Professional Studies,, 860-832-2412.

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